Truth And Love
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Yesterday I asked for your input on two theology quotes. Earlier today I provided my own input on the first of these two kosovan chat. Here is the second:. That is like saying to the sick that the important thing is not the accuracy of the prescription, but taking the medicine.


What’s more important: truth or love?

If I relate to you only on the basis of truth, then our relationship is going to be hard and harsh—even brutal. All the information you get from me will be reliable because it is accurate, but it may do you no good because adult chat rooms nashville will be delivered to you without any regard for how it lands on you.

Imagine your best friend were to relate to you only on the basis of truth.

She would be very insightful in accurately assessing your strengths and weaknesses, but her assessments will probably not actually help islamic chatrooms free. Imagine if your best friend decided he should relate to you only on the basis of love. He would probably make you feel good about yourself because he would always be affirming and encouraging you.

He is motivated by love, but at the expense of truth. Most of us tend toward one or the other of these types of extremes. Some people are very loving.

Their words are always positive, affirming and encouraging, but often not as forthcoming and truthful as want to chat with a girl should be. Other people seem to have no problem speaking truth, but they do it in unloving and unkind ways. They regard launching truth bombs—even if it in a scorched earth in their hearers—as edifying speech. We must seek to grow more and more like Him so that we come to be both loving and truthful.

Scripture repeatedly calls us to keep these two virtues closely connected in the way that we live our lives.

Truth and love: the dynamic duo

In other words, both being loving without being truthful and being truthful without being loving are evidence of spiritual childishness. Christians are to grow into Christlikeness. That is the good goal toward which God is working all things together in our live Romans It would be helpful for us to consider, then, what Jesus Christ is like, especially in the way that He displays the virtues of truth and love.

A shorthand way to summarize what sex chat line oklahoma city New Testament teaches us about this is to say that Jesus is both truth personified and love personified.

God is love. As the God-man, Jesus was love walking. We see Him deal with people in truth and love throughout His earthly ministry.

His encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well exemplifies this. The fact that He talked to her at all, crossing cultural and social boundaries demonstrated unusual love. He also, however, truthfully addressed her sex free people chat hall summit adulterous relationships. Rather He lovingly and truthfully spoke to her in order to help her see her need for new life and forgiveness which are found in Him alone John The way for Christians to grow in both truth and love is to grow in Christ.

To know Him more intimately. To trust Him more readily.

Truth and love

To love Him more supremely. To grow in His grace and knowledge by having our minds renewed daily as the Spirit teaches us His Word chritian chat Peter ; Romans ; John ; 1 John A good way to measure your growth in Christ is to take inventory of how both truth and chat buenos aires are exemplified in your life.

Ask a friend, with full assurance that you want an honest and candid answer. Here is the twofold reality that we all need to acknowledge and keep in mind as we strive to grow in truth and love.

How to speak the truth in love

As followers of Christ, we must never be satisfied to be merely loving or truthful. Recent Journal view all Summer Christian Life.

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If I speak in the tongues of mortals and of angels, but do not have love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.


Character Development.


Our culture force-feeds us a false notion of love.


When I counsel someone to speak the truth in love, what exactly am I calling them to do?